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Atlas of Urogynecological Endoscopy

Atlas of Urogynecological Endoscopy

- Peter L. Dwyer

- Informa Healthcare
- Publication Date: 2007-12-26
- ISBN:184184540X
- 208 pages

The study of gynecology and pelvic floor disorders is a rapidly developing area for gynecologists around the world, and, moreover, an essential aspect to the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders is a need for expertise in cystourethroscopy to accurately diagnose conditions of the lower urinary tract that frequently present to the gynecologists. However, gynecologists have little training or expertise in the use of cystourethroscopy and therefore often do not feel comfortable in performing this procedure or distinguishing what is normal from what is abnormal. An excellent guide for educating gynecologists in endoscopy of the urinary tract, this highly illustrated text addresses this need and provides readers with a full understanding of the equipment that is used, how it is used, and the conditions of the lower urinary tract they may find in the treatment of pelvic disorders.
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