lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

McGraw Hill - Chemistry 11

McGraw Hill - Chemistry 11
Publisher: McGraw Hill ISBN: N\A edition 2007 PDF 690 pages 10,6 mb

Name ten things in your life that do not, in some way, involve the products and processes of chemistry. Take your time. Are you having trouble? Can you name five things that do not involve chemistry? Are you still thinking? Consider each room in your home. Think about the bathroom, for example. Does soap involve chemistry? Do toothpaste, cosmetics, and shampoo involve chemistry? Think about the light in the bathroom. Without chemistry, there is no glass to make lightbulbs. Move to another room. Walk quickly. The floor is disappearing beneath your feet. Pause briefly to watch the paint fade away from the walls. In a moment, the walls will be gone, too.

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