jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

EMS Pocket Drug Guide

Patrick Gomella, Leonard Gomella, "EMS Pocket Drug Guide"
McGraw-Hill Medical 2010 ISBN: 0071664076, 0071702709 432 pages PDF 2,1 MB

The drug guide that belongs in the pocket of every front-line EMS provider

This is the first EMS pocket drug guide that contains the detailed information typically found only in much larger reference books. EMS Pocket Drug Guide is a true must-have for any level EMS provider from basic to advanced. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, it should always be with you for quick, reliable reference in the field.

•The detail you need without sacrificing ease of use
•Essential information on 1000 of the most commonly prescribed medications and more than 70 drugs most often used in the pre-hospital setting
•Drug-specific EMS pearls, including signs and symptoms of overdose and specific overdose management
•Sections on street drugs and medicinal herbs
•Quick field reference tables, including cardiac algorithms, weight conversion, and injury severity scores
An amazing amount of content packed into a pocket-sized reference:
EMS Field Medications, Commonly Prescribed Medications: Classificaton, Commonly Prescribed Medications: Generic and Selected Brand Data, Commonly Used Medicinal Herbs, Common Street Drugs, Reference Tables, Adult Emergency Cardiac Care Medications


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