domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer

Miguel A. Rodriguez-Bigas, Raul Cutait, Patrick M. Lynch, Ian Tomlinson, Hans F.A. Vasen - Hereditary Colorectal Cancer
Springer | ISBN: 1441966021 | 2010-09-01 | PDF | 627 pages | 11.30 Mb

Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US and the third most recently linked to cancer deaths. The national annual incidence rate of colorectal cancer is approximately 148,000+, striking slightly more females than males. The lifetime risk of colorectal cancer is 5-6%, however patients with a familial risk (with two or more first or second degree relatives) make up 20% of the patients. Persons who carry genetic mutations linked to hereditary colorectal cancer are the most likely to develop the disease.

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