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Subtitle: Abeloff's Clinical Oncology: Expert Consult Premium Edition: Enhanced Online Features and Print, 4e
ISBN: 9780443066955
Published: 21/5/2008
Edition: 4
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
Binding: Expert Consult - EXC
Pages: 2592

Carrying on the tradition established by its founding editor, the late Dr. Martin Abeloff, the 4th Edition of this respected reference synthesizes all of the latest oncology knowledge using a practical, clinically focused, easy-to-use approach. It incorporates basic science, pathology, diagnosis, management, outcomes, rehabilitation, and prevention all in one convenient resource - equipping you to overcome your toughest clinical challenges. What's more, you can access the complete contents of this Expert Consult Premium Edition online, plus regular updates to keep your practice current . . . board-style self-assessment questions . . . downloadable illustrations . . . and many other advanced features that make it even more indispensable for your practice!

Equips you to select the most appropriate tests and imaging studies for diagnosing and staging each type of cancer, and manage your patients most effectively using all of the latest approaches.
Explores all of the latest scientific discoveries' implications for cancer diagnosis and management.
Employs a multidisciplinary approach - with contributions from pathologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and surgical oncologists - for well-rounded perspectives on the problems you face.
Offers a user-friendly layout with a consistent chapter format  summary boxes  a full-color design  and more than 1,445 illustrations (1,200 in full color), to make reference easy and efficient.

Este archivo, es la segunda biblia de la Oncología Médica, Abeloff´s, la última edición del 2008, en ingles, libro de cabecera para los Residentes de Oncología y para todo aquel que lo requiera.

Hoy en día todo los libros, archivos, que uno desee esta en la internet, etc., solo tienen que tomarse su tiempo, paciencia y obviamente saber buscar. No se olviden de dejar sus opiniones, son muy importantes para el autor del blog ya que incentiva a colocar más información.



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