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Paediatric Surgery Workbook

Paediatric Surgery Workbook

- By J. H. R. Becker

- Publisher: Van Schaik, 2006

- ISBN: 0627026435, 9780627026430

- Pages: 258 pages

This book is designed to act as a guide to lecturers in paediatric surgery, preparing undergraduate students to have the level of knowledge in this field of that of a General Practitioner in practice. The text is not intended to be a complete guide to paediatric surgery; it is rather a guide to the outcomes that we in South Africa would like to achieve with our undergraduate students so that on qualifying, they are all on a par throughout the country. The new curriculum that has been developed at the different Medical Schools has resulted in the fragmentation of teaching in paediatric surgery, resulting in the possibility that certain aspects of paediatric surgery may be omitted so that there may be serious gaps in important knowledge.This is a workbook; the text will never be identical to the style of the lecturer. Ample space has been provided for adding additional information included by the lecturer so that the end-result will be in line with the particular lecturer’s preferences. The editor welcomes comments from all who use the book regarding any glaring omissions or commissions and any other suggestions so that any necessary alterations can be made in the next edition.The editor and co-authors hope that this guide to paediatric surgery teaching in South Africa will achieve its goal by creating a good foundation in the principles of how to treat our children with paediatric surgical problems in an appropriate manner, thus improving the morbidity and mortality of all our patients.


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